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LG Lighting is here to help

LG Lighting continues to consult with other designers and developers on improving product. Here are a few examples of the customized help LG Lighting has provided lately:

Custom Made Lighting


PCB Design and Assembly

EMI Solutions

Spectrum Analyzer

CAD Modeling and 2D Drawings

Mechanical and Electrical Design

Switch Mode Power Supply Design

Machining and Rapid Prototyping

Infrared Covert Lighting Design

Thermal Analysis and Solutions

Optical Design

HID & Halogen Burner Design

LED Product Development

Lighting Measurement & Analysis

Experienced in Multiple Industries

Services Overview
Consulting for New Projects

LG Lighting is well known for its consulting skills.   In fact, LG Lighting started out as a consulting company for the areospace, military and industrial markets.   Although LG Lighting is now developing its own products, we are always willing to help fix a problem or exchange ideas on projects.

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Research, Development and Manufacturing

When LG Lighting begins a new project, we start with our state of the art sofware program to design every aspect of the product.   Our electrical boards, lenses, lights, body parts are conceived at the designing stage and proprietary.   We then develop prototypes to test and improve upon.   Soon thereafter comes the birth of our product, ready for distribution, all under the same roof.

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Educating the Public

Before you listen to anyone else about new products and lighting issues, check our website first for new updates on the lighting trend.   LG Lighting intends to be proactive and will help educate and bring new information to you.

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