A Few Word About Us
MADE IN USA !    MADE IN NEW HAMPSHIRE !     What else do you need to know ?

LG Lighting is a small company. Only skilled and trusted brothers and sisters work for us.   Why ?

Lets just say that this is probably the most successful small company in America in its field for the short time we have been around. We have a 100% success rate in designing and producing product requested by the military, areospace industry, train industry and others. We started out as a consulting company, but are now tooling up to develop anything and everything. Now, the commercial and household market has knocked on our door. Not much else to say except, we have passion in what we design and develop, and we have families too.

Coming Soon !

Until recently, LG Lighting has provided product primarily to the industrial and military markets. As we enter into the commercial market we shall provide updates and commentary from customers for your view.

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Why Choose Us
Cost, Safety & Efficiency

LG Lighting is a green product company from the Green State of New Hampshire.   Our A19 and Par20 (60 watt equivalent) products exceed the standards of our competitors' products, last for over 10 safe years under normal usuage, and are made in New Hampshire, USA.   In comparison, LG Lighting offers the best priced products.

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